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In currency forex trading basics, the movement of currency prices creates distinctive formations that are known as chart patterns. Common points or lines are connected over a period of time in order to define a technical pattern. Closing prices, highs, lows, etc. are connected by these lines of points or what we commonly use know as a Forex trendline tool available in Metatrader 4 platform.
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In order to predict an underlying currency pair’s future price movements, these chart patterns are used in technical analysis in conjunction with the forex trendline tool. The tool available is a useful feature that assist trader in identification of key price levels and also to mark out elusive patterns that traders may often miss out on.

Identifying these chart patterns on the currency chart for a new starting trader will take some time. It is definitely going to take time and experience to understand market movement and pattern formation.

While starting traders may often identified the patterns too early in their formations, due to their excitement may as a result place trade entries too early based on the lack of pattern confirmation which may leads to false trading signals. Therefore it is great if there is a customized forex trendline trading tool that can help in the execution of trade entries based on proper trading signals and the monitoring of the trade process all on automation.

Going back to the five most important trading technical chart patterns in currency trading that all traders should be familiar with:

– The Wedge

– Head and Shoulders

– Channels

– Descending Triangle

– Double top

The Wedge

The wedge pattern has two variations. The wedge pattern actually is a reversal pattern, which indicates the occurrence of a reversal of the pattern within the wedge’s boundaries. Thus, the bullish reversal pattern is the falling wedge and the bearish reversal pattern is the rising wedge. The lows and highs of the candlesticks are connected to form the wedge, as a result of which a pattern is produced. In the wedge chart pattern, the slope formed by the upper trend line is sharper than the falling wedge and the slope formed by the lower trend is sharper than the rising wedge.

Head and Shoulders

As the name suggests, this trading chart pattern resembles a head flanked by shoulders on both sides. When the highs of the candlesticks are connected by a trend line forming tow troughs and three peaks, then the head and shoulders chart pattern is formed. The head refers to the larger price peak and the shoulders refer to the smaller price peaks. The head and shoulders chart pattern is a bearish pattern. For sellers, a favorable break in occurs when a small descending triangle starts appearing.

Descending Triangle

The descending triangle is a bearish pattern is formed when lower highs form an upper trend and the lows form a lower horizontal trend line, both of which converge with each other. Eventually, a bearish breakout occurs at the lower horizontal forex trendline.


Ascending channels, descending channels and horizontal channels are some of the variations of channels. Channels are defined in the same way regardless of which variation is seen on the chart. Channels are defined as technical ranges with prices that have traded in for the time being. When the price range trends upwards ascending channels occurs, when the range trends downwards descending channels occurs and when the range consolidates sideways a horizontal channel occurs.

Double Tops

Double tops, is a bearish reversal trading technical chart pattern by one trough in between two successive peaks. The level of the peaks is almost the same. The trough acts as a temporary support and the neckline is formed by a horizontal line that is drawn at this point.

Out of all these chart patterns the head and shoulders and the double tops patterns also have reverse patterns known as the Reverse Head and Shoulders, and the Double Bottom patterns. As mentioned, traders get a signal from these trading technical chart patterns that it is profitable for them to buy or sell certain currency pair. Thus, these were five of the most important currency trading chart patterns every trader should be aware of.


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